Calendar of Sussex Marriage Licences 1586-1643


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17 18 21 29 4 4 16 3 5 5 6 8 17 23 ARCHDEACONRY OF LEWES. 47 Robert Smith of Dichining, yeoman, & Ellenor Fryer of same, maiden : sureties, said R. S. and William Carter of Lewes, sadler. Thomas Scotson of Burwashe, gent., & Mary Maunser of Wadherste, virgin: sureties, said T. S., Nicholas Manser of Wadherst, gent., and John Polhill of Burwashe, gent. Richard Tree of Fletching, yeoman, & Alice Barnden of Telscombe, widow: sureties, said R. T. and Thomas Pilbeame of Southover, yeoman. Richard Hall & Jane Wheeler of Slaugham, virgin, with consent of parents: sureties, said R. H. and Gerard Wheeler of Slaugham, yeoman, father of the maiden. George Payne of Eastgrinsted, yeoman, & Catherine Fayre of Fletching, maiden: sureties, said G. P. and Andrew Orgle of Uckfield, yeoman. Caveat not to grant a licence for matrimony between Thomas Meawe & Mary Gooddaye of Alfriston, virgin, unless intimation is before made to Joan Fyssenden, mother of the said Thomas. Thomas Suzan & Elizabeth Newnham of Ardinglie, widow: sureties, said T. S. and Nicholas Weller of Balcombe, yeoman. William Voyce of Hendfild, bruer, & Anne Awood of same, maiden : sureties, said W. Y. and William Rootes of Hendfild, tanner. Henry Nott, tanner, & Mary Chapeman of Woorthe, virgin: sureties, said H. N. and Robert Heath of same, gent. Richard AVeekes of Wartling & Mercy Ltjxford of Lewes, maiden : sureties, said R. W. and Thomas Luxford of Lewes, yeoman, father of the maiden. John Durinfold of Southees & Mary Ttippen of Meeching, widow : sureties, said J. D. and Edward Rawkins of same, husbandman. William Johnson, miller, & Catherine Allyngham of Woorthe, widow : sureties, said W. J. and [blank]. John Wood [ Woodd in margin] of Horsted Keynes & Anne Weekinge of Eastegrensted, virgin : surety, Edmund Page of Bucksted, yeoman. Richard Wood [ Woodde in margin] & Elizabeth Wenborne of Horsted Keynes, maiden: sureties, Edmund Page of Bucksted, yeoman, and Salomon Wenborne of Mayfeld, blacksmithe. Walter Saxpes of Catsfield, gent., & Elizabeth Gilbert, maiden : sureties, said W. S. and [blank]. Thomas Alye of Seafourd, husbandman, & Margery Pyner of Blachington, maiden : sureties, said T. A. and Thomas Care of Southover, husbandman. Robert Goddard of Peasmershe, brickelayer, & Mary Chauntler of same, maiden: sureties, said R. G. and Robert Emery of S. Thomas the Apostle, Clive, shoe- maker.

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