An Address Containing the History of Boone County

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bled here to commemorate the centennial anniversary of our National Independence, let us hope, that without regard to denominations, class, party, or distinctive orders, you all can cheerfully and heartily participate in so common a purpose.

Pursuent to the task to me assigned by your committee, and in comformity to a resolution of Congress and the recommendation of the President of the United States and the Governor of your State, it has been made my duty, on this occasion, to present you a brief historical sketch of Boone county.

The limits allotted for this, will admit of nothing more than a mere outline historical compendium. You can hardly expect or desire anything more. I shall be compelled to omit many events and incidents and much of the facts and details which should properly be included in a complete history of your county.

From the great amount of materials constituting the history of the county, I shall aim to select such portions only, as may seem most appropriate for the occasion, expecting you to make due allowance for the

omission of much that is of interest.

While the history of pioneer ...