A History of Grantchester in the County of Cambridge


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120 HISTOBY OF OBANTCHBSTBB. proceeded against as the Law directs. Benjamin Howard. Edward LOley. Uriah Matthews Thomas Page. Thomas Okey. Grantohester, April 11th 1802. Trumpington Bridge. “Memorandum, from the top of the arch of the New bridge to the free stone coping is Seventeen courses of brick, as such there never should be more than twelve above the Road. The above New Bridge was began Oct 25 and finish'd Dec 4, 1790, the Cost was £90 14 .0 carriage and all materials included." Some persons call this ‘Brasel Bridge.* An old man once informed me that it used to be called ‘The New Bridge' and that an old wooden foot-bridge, which was about fifty yards below the present one, was that called ‘Brasel’, or Basley Bridge.' The following entry occurs in the Parish Reg-

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