A Brief history of Jacob Belfry, Sen., with a sketch of his wife and family and their descendants : containing also an outline of Sherman genealogy and biography


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40 T?HE BELFRY FAMILY. pilgrims made their final landing at Plymouth Rock, December 22nd, 1620.* Those who formed the colony of Massachusetts, having never relinquished the principle of a national church, and of the power of the civil magistrate in matters of faith and worship, were less tolerant than those who settled at New Plymouth, Rhode Island and Providence plantations. Intolerance, however, was modified in New England by Roger Williams, who was born in Wales, 1599. He was ordained as a clergy- man of the Established Church of England; but on account of his liberal principles, having embraced the views of the Puritans, he was obliged to flee from the tyranny of the bishops and from his native country. He arrived at Boston, February 5th, 1630. He is called “ The father and champion of religious liberty,” and founder of the State of Rhode Island. He maintained that the civil magistrate should restrain crime, but never control opinion ; should punish guilt, but never violate the freedom of conscience. Herein is con- tained an entire reformation of theological jurispru- dence that would give an equal protection to every form of religious faith, and never suffer the authority of the civil government to be enlisted against the worship of the Supreme Being. Roger Williams argued that an unbelieving soul is dead in sin; and to force the indifferent from one worship to another, was like shifting a dead man into several changes of apparel. * This “ final landing” of the pilgrims must have reference to those who came in a body from England that year. It is proved elsewhere that other Puritans, or those who held to their views, came out subsequently and settled in the New England States.

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